Where my Wanderlusters at?!

If you read my very first blog post, you'll know that I've struggled with digestion, low immunity and weight gain on my travels.  I gained 25 pounds in the first few months of being in Australia.  I want to pass along some knowledge of what I wish I would have known prior to backpacking, and also after backpacking.  I know how it feels to come home, have no job, no money, not feeling or looking the best AND have that looming question still haunting you.

What am I going to do with my life??

That's why I've created two special programs just for my Wanderlusters.  And if that's not a word, I'm making it one!


Pre-Adventure Package:


This package is designed for travellers from all corners of the world wanting to invest a little in their health before they have to scout out a sketchy hospital in an unknown country. Trust me, I've been there.  

In this package you will receive tips and tricks to avoid getting sick and gaining those backpacker pounds.  I will meet you over Skype/FaceTime and we will discuss your main health concerns.  Then I will identify a main focus of preparing your digestive system and strengthening your immune system before you take off. You will be recommended supplements that are easy to pack and take with you on the road.  I have essential tips for you before you go which include:

· What to bring in your backpack

· Healthy, affordable meal ideas for hostels

· Recipes to prepare your body for whats ahead.

This price is super discounted because I know what it's like to be saving for a trip. I genuinely want to help you, so you don't struggle like I did.


Investment: $65



Post-Adventure Package:

This package is for all the travellers that just got home and are not feeling their best. Maybe you want to shed some pounds or clear your skin up?  Or, maybe you gave your liver a hard time, while not providing the right nutrients to your body? Again, I know how that feels.

This one-month package will include tips and tricks to get you back to vibrant health.  We will meet over Skype/FaceTime to chat about your health goals and do a full assessment.  We will focus on detoxifying the body, removing toxins, improving digestion, and bringing the body back to balance. Supplement recommendations will be provided if needed and lifestyle recommendations to bring you back into a routine. A custom 5-day meal plan will be created for you, catering to your specific goals and health concerns.  Remember, I will be checking in with you on a weekly basis throughout the month and be available for support.


Investment: $155