3-Week Liver Cleanse Protocol


3-Week Liver Cleanse Protocol


Did you know we are exposed to thousands of toxic chemicals every day? These all come from our food, water, air and daily products.  They can create an acidic state in the body and can lead to many issues such as skin problems, weight gain, slowed metabolism, lowered energy levels and more.  Give your liver a little love and learn how to decrease toxins in the home and body!

It includes:

  • A protocol with specific foods to incorporate and avoid.  As well as additional info on how and why a liver cleanse is beneficial to your health.
  • One 30 minute initial consultation via telephone or Skype/FaceTime.
  • Three weekly follow ups via e-mail or telephone focussing on your specific health goals.  
  • Weekly recipe ideas with delicious meals and shopping lists.
  • DIY recipes for cleaning and personal hygiene products.

* note that you will have to purchase the two supplements needed for the cleanse separately by contacting Jenny. (approx. $75 US)

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