Restart Wellness Program


Restart Wellness Program


This 12-week package with JennyD is for anyone who wants to become healthier and is ready for change, but isn’t sure where to start.  This program will put you on the right track towards a better, healthier self and lifestyle.  SUPPORT is huge in this program and she will be guiding you throughout your whole journey.  In your initial meeting, Jenny will do a full assessment and discuss your main health concerns. The second visit (5-7 days later) is a consultation where you will receive a completely individualized program plan to help you achieve goals and she can answer any questions you may have.

Every week new goals are set and Jenny will follow up so you can continue to learn and progress.  She will check in with you weekly to keep you motivated. At the end of every month, you will meet again to review your progress and keep working towards helping you create a happy, healthy life.

It Includes:

·      One 60-90 minute assessment

·      Four 30-45 minute follow ups via phone or Skype/FaceTime

·      Twelve weekly e-mail check-ins

·      An in-depth health plan including key foods and nutrients custom to your main health concerns, as well as supplement and lifestyle recommendations

·      One custom 7-day meal plan

·      Weekly templates to track your progress and extra handouts with valuable information

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