How I found my passion through travel

Hey beautiful people! I wanted to feature Caddie on my blog because I feel like if her and I had met in Canada, we would be best friends.  But you know, meeting on Instagram is cool too!

She is from Australia and came here on a working Visa 4 years ago. I find this very ironic since I traveled to Australia 4 years ago. I can relate to Caddie SO much with this post.  Travel helped me to find my passion of Holistic Nutrition and Wellness. I now live in a beautiful mountain town, and she knows all about the magic that they bring.

Deciding to travel the world has with out a doubt been the most rewarding, eye opening, soul enhancing, crazy and happy experience of my life. It's lifted me to levels of joy I could never have imagined. It also forced me to grow, AND grow up. It's given me the opportunity to break away from the mould and truly be myself. My happiest self.

I left my high paying career as a Chemical Lab Analyst. It was a bold move that not everybody understood.

I felt disconnected from my life, so I knew that I needed to make a change.

When I decided to head to Canada on a working holiday visa a few years ago, I was excited to experience the snow, meet new people and learn how to snowboard. I didn't know that discovering this beautiful country would lead to an epic overhaul of every part of my being.

My time in Canada started off in Banff, Alberta. I set out learning how to snowboard, and I met a bunch of carefree fellow nomads. By chance, or maybe it was destiny, I moved into a house where I met the most genuine, kind human. He inspired me on the daily to ask questions about myself and the universe. He taught me how to love.

lake louise

I followed him to Whistler.

Oh whistler. Every time I think about you, my heart sings with joy. That little, ever-growing town fascinated me. The community taught me more about life than anywhere else.  It's easy to understand why people come for a season and never leave. 

Leaving Australia steered me right onto my destined path. I have found my purpose and am SO grateful that I opened myself up to opportunity. 

Holistic Wellness is my forever passion. How did I stumble across it? Adult onset asthma. Yeah, it’s about as fun as it sounds. My brother, father, uncles and grandad all suffer from it. They used Ventilins, and other medications to treat it for  as long as I could remember.  Mine got so intense that I could no longer give my boyfriend a hug without my chest tightening up. So, off to the doctor I went.

I was earning $9 an hour, and the medication was triple the price I was used to. I didn’t have the health benefits the locals did, so it was a little hard to handle. Little did I know, it was a blessing in disguise.

The doctor in Whistler explained to me that I could change my diet and lifestyle. He said that asthma was an autoimmune disease, so if I followed a lifestyle that reduces inflammation of the body would, it would help me in a huge way. I couldn’t believe a doctor was telling me this. It was incredible.


The whole town of Whistler was so grateful for Mother Nature and believed, wholeheartedly, that everything she created on earth was here for a reason.

I was intrigued, to say the least. I dove head first into learning everything I could about natural nutrition, health, and wellness.

I discovered just how MUCH nature could heal, especially in the soul.

You evolve into a special kind of human when you move to those little mountain-town gems. I am now an earth loving, adventure seeker who has a deep respect for Mother Nature. She brought me beautiful landscape, deep fluffy snow, and an abundance of organic, local produce. Whistler brought me an encompassing sense of support and community. 

British Columbia

Hiking mountains became my go-too activity. It challenged me both mentally and physically. With every step came a step in the direction that I wanted my life to go in. I jumped right into studying Holistic Health Coaching online through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

I had no idea that I could feel this amazing!! Through yoga and meditation, I was able to power through my illness, clear my mind at will, and move with a sense of joy and purpose. I embraced the fresh, local, and whole foods through community-supported agriculture and detoxed my body of so much SHIT!

I truly experienced a full cleanse in body, mind, and spirit.

Every time this topic comes up, my soul lights on fire. The science and wisdom behind holistic practices ignites and excites me.

I want to share this flame with the world.

Next stop... Naturopathic School!

With love,