Why I joined Inzpire Me- where influencers & brands connect

A few weeks ago, a REALLY cool company contacted me to join their platform.  At first I was a bit wary, as some things that land in my Inbox are... a little wack.  But after looking into the site, I saw that this had potential.  I could collaborate with companies... and make some extra cash!

I know that the best time to get in with a company is early. Once it grows, there is more competition and it’s a bit harder to connect. That’s why I am joining Inzpire Me while it’s new!

So what exactly is it?

Inzpire Me is a platform for Brands and Influencers to connect. Brands can contact Influencers to share inspiring stories and promote their product or brand.

Inzpire Me

It’s literally a huge space to form collaborations at your fingertips.

Of course you can review every request as an Influencer and decided if it is a deal or no deal. It’s SO easy to start and its 100% FREE. You have no reason NOT to join really.

The first thing you do is create an account and then a profile. You can add a couple pictures and tell Brands a bit about yourself.  Then you connect your social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, etc).  YOU set your average fee for what you would like a Brand to pay you. This can be changed and negotiated at any time. At the moment we (Influencers) cannot browse Brands yet, but it will get there. Influencers can browse other Influencers.

My dream is to have holistic companies join Inzpire Me.  If there are no Influencers that are into holistic practices, healthy living, and traveling, then there will be no Brands that join! Ya feel me? This is the perfect opportunity. I know this platform will grow because it's such an awesome concept.

It doesn't matter what your passion is, or if you even own a business. This is for ANYONE.  There are all types of Influencers; fashion, beauty, food, travel, athletes; you name it.

Why not put yourself out there!?

You literally have NOTHING to lose.

Wanna join?

Here’s my link! >>> https://inzpire.me/?ref=jennydsremedies

*Much Love, 

-Jenny D xx