How to be happy on V-Day when you're single AF

Valentine's Day

I know how it feels.  Scrolling through your newsfeed and seeing all the flowers, presents and gushy love photos of everyone.  Sometimes it’s hard not to become jealous or bitter on this love day that seems to be such a big deal to many.  So here’s a few tips to improve your day, if you’re feeling a little less love.

#1 Love Yourself

Everything in your life has happened for a reason.  You’ve been happy, you’ve been hurt, but you’ve grown tremendously and learned from your mistakes.  When you get home from work today I want you to do two things.

a)   Write down 10 things that you are grateful for.

b)   Write down 10 things you love about yourself.

Yeah it sounds silly, but trust me, it will help.

* I urge you to do this for a week and see just how much your outlook on life improves.

#2 Post Positive Things

Posting about how you’re “forever single” or posting a food picture of you and bae, iiiiiisn't exactly a positive mindset.  I've been there. Instead let’s post about how we LOVE ourselves. I see a selfie as an act of courage.  You are a BOSS.  Show the world that you are completely happy with yourself and all of your singleness. Confidence is sexy.

#3 Be Happy for Your Friends in Relationships

Jealousy is toxic. When you find someone; that’s right, I said WHEN, I’m sure you will want your friends to be happy for you.  So be happy for them!  It’s not your time yet.  The universe is still aligning you with that perfect person. So for now, send out those positive vibrations.

#4 Get Your Sweat On

You know you'll feel good after a killer workout.  Instead of crushing Netflix and watching sappy movies that will make you feel worse, crush a leg day or make the Stair-Master your b*tch. Who knows, maybe you’ll meet a hottie at the gym ;). 

#5 Time for YOU

Tonight is your night! Healthy Dinner. Face Mask. Hot Bath with essential oils. Call your besties. Dark chocolate. Aaaaand maybe a glass of wine.



*Much love,

Jenny D xx